• Heart disease starts with the arteries. The role of the arteries is to supply blood to the entire body. Whenever you feel your heart pumping faster, you are probably excited, stressed, or making physical effort (such as climbing up a flight of stairs or running), and your body needs more blood for fuel. First, the arteris deliver more blood to the heart muscle to help the heart pump more blood for the entire body. Then, the arteries deliver more blood where it is needed (for example blood supply to the leg muscles while running). 

    Normal Arterial function means that the arteries dilate (become larger) whenever a certain body organ requires more blood supply. Arterial dysfunction (medical term: Endothelial Dysfunction) means that the arteries fail to dilate sufficiently in response to the body's need for extra blood supply. This condition is now known as an early stage of plaque buildup and narrowing of the artereis (medical term: Atherosclerosis) and a major factor in cardiovascular disease such as heart attacks and strokes. 

    The EndoPAT® is a cutting edge medical device used worldwide for the diagnosis and prevention of cardiovascular disease, the only device cleared by the FDA for the assessment of arterial function. 

    If you have already suffered from a heart attack or other cardiovascular events, or dealing with symptoms such as chest pain, fatigue or shortness of breath, the The EndoPAT® test can provide important information about your risk and the success of treatment. Doctors today realize that one size does not fit all. Leading cardiologists are using the EndoPAT® to endsure that the treatment they prescribed is the optimal one for the specific patient.  

    The test takes only 15 minutes, as simple as a blood-pressure test, is non-invasive and your EndoScore™ is generated immediately following the test.

    We’re here to help you learn more about your arterial function, which is a major player in heart health.

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