How the test works

  • The EndoPAT® is a simple, non-invasive test delivering immediate results. 

    The test will take approximately 20 minutes. You will be asked to lie down for the test and roll up your sleeves. A blood pressure cuff will be wrapped around your arm and fingertip sensors will be placed on both index fingers. Later, the blood pressure cuff will inflate for 5 minutes.  The test may cause some discomfort but it is not painful and considered to be safe and harmless.  

    When the blood pressure cuff is inflated, blood flow to the finger will temporarily stop. Later, when the cuff is released, the strong flow of blood stimulates the arteries to dilate and deliver more blood to the finger. Blood flow will be measured by the finger sensor to assess how well the arteries dilate. 

    Normal response is characterized by a significant dilatoin of the arteries after the blood cuff is released. If arteries fail to dilate sufficiently, the condition is described as Arterial dysfunction (Medical term: Endothelial dysfunction).