High blood sugar levels? Diabetic?

High blood sugar levels? Diabetic? Your biggest concern is your arteries

Pre-diabetics and diabetics are now aware of the dangers of diabetes. What they are not aware of, is that the major cause of death and illness for diabetics is arterial damage and heart disease.

Scientists believe today that arterial function (medical term: Endothelial Function) is the precursor to plaque buildup within the arteries and eventual narrowing of arteries leading to heart disease.

Arterial dysfunction is when the arteries do not respond well, and do not become larger when certain organs in the body require more blood.  For example, when a person is climbing up a flight stairs, his heart muscle would require more blood, to be able to deliver more blood to his leg muscles. When the arteries do not function well, then blood supply to the heart muscle and other muscles is insufficient and shortness of breath begins during routine activities.

What is interesting is that arterial function can be detected even before the onset of full blown diabetes. It is evident in pre-diabetics, in persons developing insulin resistance (what is known as the Metabolic Syndrome) or at risk of developing it.

Diabetes type 2 can be difficult to diagnose. Symptoms are often subtle and people do not recognize them in time to prevent the onset of the disease.

Luckily, the new EndoPAT® technology allows you to take a very simple, easy, non-invasive test that tells you whether your arterial function is not good enough, so at this point you can start to watch your diet, exercise more and prevent the onset of diabetes.