EndoPAT® test

  • Why should you take the EndoPAT® test?
    EndoPAT® measures Arterial Function

    The EndoPAT® test measures your arterial function, which is how well your arteries relax and dilate to allow more blood supply where it is needed. For example, when climbing up a staircase or experiencing stress the body would require more blood supply to the heart muscle to handle additional mental or physical exertion.

    Normal arterial function protects blood vessels from forming plaque which develops as we get older (the process of Atherosclerosis).

    The EndoPAT® test is unique because it is a fast and non-invasive way to assess arterial health and helps physicians achieve optimal treatment especially for people experiencing symptoms which could indicate the onset of heart disease such as unexplained chest pain, shortness of breath, extreme fatigue, nausea, sholder or jaw pain etc.

    It’s all about your arteries

    The EndoPAT® test is unique, as it is a 15-minute, office-based, non-invasive way to assess arterial function and arteries' health. 

    "When your endothelium (arterial wall)  is damaged because of high blood sugar or cholesterol or high blood pressure, your blood vessels do not dilate as well",
    says Prof. John Cooke MD, Professor of Medicine & Assoc. Director Stanford University Cardiovascular Institute. "This, in turn, puts you at increased risk for everything from erectile trouble to a heart attack."

    Endothelial dysfunction is damage in progress – the sooner it is diagnosed the quicker
    and better it can be reversed.

    Arterial Cross-section Timeline

    Be pro-active in reducing your risk for heart disease.
    Take 15 minutes to find out for yourself

    How does the EndoPAT® test work?
    Performed just like taking blood pressure,
    this 15-minute test assesses endothelial function by comparing your arterial response before and after a pressure cuff is applied.
    The results are available in minutes. Watch your improvement over time and be part of your health.

    Simple – in office test
    Quick – 15 minutes
    Highly accurate & reproducible
    No radiation or nuclear exposure