Patient stories

  • Lisa’s Story

    Becoming a grandmother was the greatest joy of my life, aside from having my own children.
    Seeing the smiles on their faces makes me the happiest grandmother in the world.
    It’s exactly because of those smiles and that happiness that
    I went to see my doctor about my cardiac health.
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    Bob’s Story
    My name is Bob and I am a the luckiest man alive because not only do I get to coach baseball everyday for a living,but I also get to be a full time dad.
    Being a father and watching my kids grow up is really what got me to go in and speak to my doctor in the first place.

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    David’s Story

    I spend my life negotiating outcomes for the labor unions
    that I represent. I’ve been doing it for 25 years and never once did I stop to think that by not paying more attention to my health that maybe I was negotiating with my own life. 

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    Carmen's story

    I have been a community college teacher for 20 years and even though there have definitely been some trying times,
    I have loved every day of it. I never saw myself doing anything else or ever even retiring, even though I am 58.
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