Lisa's story

  • Lisa's stroy

    Becoming a grandmother was the greatest joy of my life, aside from having my own children. Seeing the smiles on their faces makes me the happiest grandmother in the world. It’s exactly because of those smiles and that happiness that I went to see my doctor about my cardiac health.
    I knew that even though I didn’t have a family history of heart disease, I did have high cholesterol, and that every year I am in my postmenopausal period, the risk of coronary artery disease increases significantly. I wasn’t going to allow a possible heart attack keep me from seeing my smiling grandchildren.
    Sitting in my doctor’s office, my doctor and I discussed my situation and what I could expect. As he reviewed my case history, he said he was a little surprised. “You are actually underweight, which is good, so your food consumption doesn’t seem related to your elevated cholesterol level. Eliminating any more fat from your diet will be tricky. You have to be careful not to deprive yourself nutritionally, due to the fact that you already have a hard time maintaining your weight.”
    My doctor was very happy to see that I had a high HDL level, the good kind of cholesterol, and low triglyceride levels, and that I was following through with hormone replacement therapy.
    It was then that he recommended the EndoPAT® test to me. He said we could use it to determine whether my elevated cholesterol levels were associated or correlated with coronary artery disease, or were merely a genetic anomaly.

    Delighted And Relieved
    I agreed to take the EndoPAT® test and was both delighted and relieved with the results. My EndoScore of 1.98 was excellent, a significant finding because, as my doctor said, some plaque build-up was expected in my age group—regardless of cholesterol levels. Happily, my doctor told me I had nothing to worry about and to just come in for periodic checkups so that he could continue to monitor me. At that time, I’d take another EndoPAT® test and compare it with the first to see how I was doing.

    Knowing where I stood was the best news I had heard in a long time and my EndoPAT® test made that all possible. Now I spend my free time playing with my grandchildren and I am worry free.