EndoPAT® early adopters

  • EndoPAT® Early Adopters
    Here are some of the leading physicians and researchers
    that have used EndoPAT® in research or in treating patients in their practice

    Dr. Peter Gantz (UCSF)

    Dr. Barry Zaret (Yale School of Medicine)

    Dr. Peter Collins (Royal Brompton)

    Dr. Steven Lamm (NYU School of Medicine)

    Dr. Arther Agatston (developer of coronary calcium, "South Beach Diet")

    Dr. Steven Gundry

    Dr. Michael Shcechter (Tel Hashomer Israel)

    Dr. Noel  Bairey-Merz (Barbra Streisand Women's Heart Center at the Cedars-Sinai Heart Institute)

    Dr. Rubinstein Ronen (Mayo Clinic, Carmel Medical Center)

    Dr. Arshed Quyyumi (Emory University)

    Dr. Jeff Kuvin (Tufts Medical center, Boston)

    Dr. John Cooke (Stanford University School of Medicine)

    Dr. Nathan Bar-Chama (Mt. Sinai NYC)

    Dr. David Zellermayer (Sydney Australia)

    Dr. Andrea Nataly (Piza, Italy)

    Dr. Florence Comite (Associate Clinical Professor at Yale University School of Medicine, founder and director of women's health at Yale)

    Dr. Andreas J. Flammer (University Hospital Zurich)

    Dr. Piero  Bonetti (Division of Cardiology, University Hospital Basel, Switzerland)

    Dr. Joseph Vita (Boston University School of Medicine)

    Dr. Amir Lerman (Mayo Clinic, Itamar Advisory board)