Post-menopausal women

  • Digital Assessment of endothelial function and ischemic
    heart disease in women
    Matsuzawa et al, JACC 2010

    • Method: 140 chest pain postmenopausal  women tested with EndoPAT®, coronary angiography for
      obstructive CAD  and if non  obstructive or normal angiography – then tested with Acetylcholine
      provocation test, adenosine reduced coronary flow reserve, and stress thallium test to further
      diagnose  ischemic heart disease.
    • Conclusion: PAT non-invasively predicted  the presence of IHD, especially NOCAD
      (non-obstructive) which cannot be diagnosed by anatomical tests  (angiography).
    • PAT is a potentially useful clinical test and can  effectively help to identify high-risk
      women with  chest pain.