Post-MI CAD patients

  • Endothelial dysfunction predicts residual risk in  coronary  
    artery disease patients with statin therapy
    Matsue et al, EU Heart Journal abstract suppl. 2013

    •  Method: 213 CAD patients who were well treated  with statin therapy (achieved LDL<100)
      Patients were followed-up for secondary CAE for a  median of 2.7 years.
      During follow-up, CAE occurred in 6 (5.5%) patients in the L_RHI > 0.52 group and 16
      (15.5%) patients in the L_RHI <0.52 group (P=0.023).
    • Conclusions: L_RHI (Endoscore) was an
      independent predictor for CAE (coronary artery events) even after
      adjusting by Framingham traditional risk factors for secondary CAE
    • Takeaway: EndoPAT® must be used to follow up on cad patients and target endothelial
      function to improveprognosis.