Post Stenting / Angiography Patients

Breaking news: Major Study published in Journal of AHA
shows that EndoPAT® can predict near-future cardiovascular events in high
risk and CAD Patients independently and beyond conventional risk assessment

Peripheral Endothelial Function and Cardiovascular
Events in High-Risk Patients,
J Am Heart Assoc. 2013;2:e000426;
Matsuzawa et al
528 subjects, two-center, 2.8 years mean follow up


  • A 15 minutes test at doctor's office
  • Non-invasive
  • Simple, Operator independent
  • Immediate results
  • Over 350 peer-reviewed papers

This landmark study is an extension of previous studies and demonstrates the importance of
assessing endothelial health for the prediction of cardiac events in patients who had undergone
revascularization procedures.


  • High-risk 528 patients referred to diagnostic angiography and tested with EndoPAT® for RHI
    (Reactive Hyperemia Index)
     - Stenting in 344 (77.8%)
     - CABG in 21 (4.8%)
     - Medical therapy in 77 (17.4%)
  • Follow up – mean 2.8 years of follow-up for CV adverse events (CV death, MI or unstable angina,
    revascularization, HF, Stroke, Aortic disease or PAD)


  • A low RHI signal (low EndoScore™) detected by EndoPAT®, consistent with endothelial dysfunction, was
    associated with higher adverse events rate.
  • RHI was an independent predictor of AE.
  • RHI CV Risk Reclassification (low-intermediate, high, very high) -  Net 48.9% over FRS
    (Framingham Risk Score)


  • Peripheral micro-vascular endothelial function as assessed by RHI can predict cardiovascular events in
    conductance vessels.
  • Clinical evaluation of endothelial function with RHI provides useful and complementary prognostic
    information to improve risk assessment for the near-future cardiovascular events in high-risk patients.
  • Use of the RHI as a noninvasive assessment of endothelial function could offer an important advance
    in clinical cardiovascular risk evaluation, even after invasive coronary revascularization with
    optimal medical treatments.


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